Educational Psychology in the Classroom

1 - Classroom Lucky dip

A box full of small wrapped toys appropriate to the students' ages, gender and other attributes. Use these as major rewards, ie for the star charts and weekly quiz.

2 - Star charts

Ensure each child in the class has a star chart, reward good behaviour and work with stars. Once a child reaches 20 stars reward them with a prize from the classroom lucky dip.

3 - Weekly quiz

Each Monday advise your students of the subject for the following Friday Weekly quiz. The quiz can encompass one subject a week or 3 questions from each subject area covered. During the week cover these subject areas with your class, be sure to use the star charts rewards program throughout the week. After lunch hold the weekly quiz, have students pass their quiz to another student for marking. The three students with the highest scores receive a prize ie a choice from a lucky dip

Behaviourist Lesson Plan - view here

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